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One happy mama!

My 9 year old has been terrified of the dentist for the past 4 years. Even refused to open his mouth resulting in rescheduled appointments. We just joined Petaluma Kids Dental Care and he let them clean, X-ray and examine his teeth without any hiccups. They were so good with him from start to finish. Going back for sealants soon and he’s not afraid now… I’m one happy mama. Highly recommend.

~ Amy M

One happy mama!2022-08-10T19:41:55+00:00

The team is wonderful!

The team at Petaluma Kids Dental Care is wonderful! From the friendly greeting as soon as we walk in, fun and gentle hygienists and Dentists that are truly experts in their fields – it’s always a great experience. They walk my daughter through each step which makes her feel comfortable – she actually looks forward to going. Maybe it’s the prize at the end of the appointment! Also worth mentioning they are punctual and very clean.

~ Victoria

The team is wonderful!2022-08-10T19:40:49+00:00

Such a great experience –

Such a great experience here with my 1 & 3 year olds! We were able to have both kids seen at the same time, which was super convenient and helped my youngest feel more comfortable for his first dentist appointment. Nothing but smiles and giggles from the moment we saw the hippo and zebra on the front doors. We were greeted promptly and warmly by the front desk staff, the hygienists were kind and sweet with the kids, the dentist was super patient and gentle. Can’t say enough good things! So glad we found a great dentist for our kiddos.
~ Laurence

Such a great experience –2022-08-10T19:39:21+00:00

All of the staff are welcoming

I just brought my 13 month old in for his first visit to the dentist and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Dr. Nuñez is so friendly and helped to make my son comfortable with the whole visit. All of the staff were very nice and welcoming as well. I would highly recommend this office!!

~ Elizabeth

All of the staff are welcoming2022-08-10T19:38:14+00:00

We look forward to our long-lasting relationship

We couldn’t wait to have our first dentist appointment with Dr Nunez and his team! We know several people who frequent his office and we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. So when our babe finally had a few teeth, we went right in. Dr Nunez was fun and engaging with her. She is a very outspoken kid with lots of opinions and he managed her thoughts and feelings with tenderness and care while still getting the job done. Dr Nunez and his team did not disappoint! We look forward to our long- lasting relationship with this office!

~ Catrina

We look forward to our long-lasting relationship2022-08-10T19:36:11+00:00

Our Toddler Loves Dr. Nuñez!

This is our 2nd visit with Dr Nunez and our toddler loves him. The staff was so friendly and thoughtful. She got out a soft toy and let my daughter brush its teeth. We had prepared her beforehand but this was really helpful. Our toddler has been really nervous with doctor’s visits but not this one. She loves the murals and the office does not feel so intimidating for a 2yo. It took a total of 15-20min and she got a bath toy when she’s done. Thank you Dr Nunez and staff!


Our Toddler Loves Dr. Nuñez!2022-08-10T19:32:59+00:00

Can’t Say Enough

Can’t say enough good things about the care my boys receive with Dr. Nunez and his staff. My son has been very timid in the past for his dental appointments and today he went back and had his cleaning all by himself!! He came out smiling and feeling like such a big kid! We can’t be more pleased with everyone at the office.


Can’t Say Enough2022-08-10T19:20:54+00:00

Very highly recommend this office!

Today was our first visit and it was GREAT! The front office is a huge open space, very inviting and the ladies at the front desk were extremely friendly and helpful. My son is 6, this was his second dentist visit, first time at this office. Janet was our RDA and she is amazing! She was SO great with my son, walked him through everything she was doing, made me feel comfortable since he was at ease. Dr. Nunez did my son’s exam today and he was great, explained everything to both my son and myself, listened to my concerns, and even managed to pull out a very loose tooth that has been plaguing my son for MONTHS. We both couldn’t have been happier with this experience, we look forward to seeing everyone again in 6 months! VERY highly recommend this office!

~Heather D

Very highly recommend this office!2022-08-09T22:07:50+00:00

Wonderful first experience….

Took my son in for an emergency appointment and honestly did not want to leave.
The staff and Dr Gupta are fabulous. I was able to get an appointment asap , and we are now staying as a new patient.

E. Mobley

Wonderful first experience….2020-04-02T00:38:31+00:00

Amazing office for kids with anxiety

We just love coming to Dr. Gupta. Before coming to her, my oldest daughter had such anxiety about going to the dentist. Since coming, she is much more relaxed. We love all the staff and they treat us so well there.

A. Torbit

Amazing office for kids with anxiety2018-06-13T21:46:19+00:00
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