After a nightmare of a week being evacuated from the fires in Santa Rosa we found ourselves in another nightmare, my two year old daughter fell and hit her tooth to the point it was pushed all the way back to the top of her mouth. After multiple phone calls to pediatric dentists in Santa Rosa we decided to try Petaluma. Dr. Gupta’s staff from the first moment we called were responsive and sensitive to our needs and the situation. I felt informed, respected and Dr. Gupta and her staff truly kept me from just breaking down. We ended up extracting the tooth which could have been so devastating but literally I felt so much better because of their concern and understanding. They truly cared about me and my daughter and I felt like her best interest was in mind. She also called me after to check in on her. I just felt so taken care of. I will be taking the rest of my children to Petaluma Kids Dental Care. Thank you, Thank you- Natalie U.